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We help DTC companies build and supplement their affiliate and partnership programs with a new approach to scalable partner discovery & recruitment on a

Health & Wellness
  • performance-based pricing model.
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This is what we do.


Launch Affiliate Program

Our team of experts will help onboard an affiliate platform. Already have a platform? Not a problem. We can scale on any platform.


Discover & Recruit

We understand the need for a diversity of partners from premium content, product reviews, SEO, loyalty, niche bloggers, influencers, display, email, and more.


Growing & Scaling

When you want to generate new customer acquisition at your desired CAC, Furnée Brands has repeatedly come into organization to find and test top of funnel affiliates for sustained growth.

We help brands get noticed that drive scalable results

Our team delivers high quality, top-of-funnel partnerships through collaborations with affiliates in several categories: Premium content, Reviews, SEO, Loyalty, Niche bloggers, Influencers, Display, Email, and more.

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The Quality Edites


Gut health governs everything — from digestion and weight to energy and immunity. Supergut improves it all, one scoop at a time.


Best Mushroom Coffee Reviews: Top 6 Brands in 2024

Mushroom coffee, a blend of ground medicinal mushrooms and coffee beans, is gaining popularity for its potential to enhance focus and concentration.


How to make bulletproof coffee: the secret to butter coffee

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Homes garden

Why we think The Buddy Bed is the best orthopedic dog bed

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This Matcha Promises Glowing Skin—But I Drink It For The Taste

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Fast Track Your New Back-to-Work Smile with Byte

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Some of our favourite projects

Select one to learn more.


Furnée Brands built Sunday’s affiliate program and has generated over $1.2M in affiliate revenue for their brand.

Four Sigmatic

Furnée Brands took over Four Sigmatic’s affiliate program and built an infrastructure of high LTV partnerships for scale by combining the right mix of health & wellness partnerships.


Furnée Brands worked with Byte’s marketing team to help grow its affiliate channel prior to its $1B acquisition.


Furnée Brands worked with Everytable to build, manage, and scale it’s affiliate program between its seed to Series B fundraising.


Our clients love our work

“Eric and his team helped us build our affiliate program from the ground up, starting from scratch and scaling it to 10s of thousands in revenue in a few short months. We couldn't have asked for a better partner to help us bring affiliate marketing online and quickly growing it to be one of our top marketing channels.”

Chad Massura

Head of Growth @ Everytable

“Eric has been instrumental in helping us stand up our affiliate program. He is the rare partner who is able to achieve short term KPIs while also managing relationships to ensure long term growth.”

Coulter Lewis

Founder @ Sunday

“Through our partnership with Furnee Brands, they were able to double the conversion rate across our affiliate partner mix, increase ROI 69%, all while supporting a 25% increase in new consumers directly from the marketing channel. They are always willing to go the extra mile and provide a full view of each opportunity. In addition, they provide clarity, risk assessment and potential impacts to our KPIs - both negative and positive. They really understand the affiliate space well and have helped our brand grow.”

Julia Broz

Sr Advertising Manager @ Bulletproof

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